History of Back to God Revival-Bellville 

Bellville, Texas is a small township of 2.66 square miles with a total population of 4,266 as of the 2018 census.  Yet God’s eye set on this seemingly obscure place to do wonders. In 1978 after a heavenly visitation the Spirit of God rested upon Blanche Barley to start a community bible study.  Many were drawn to Christ through this bible study including Minell Winn who would later come to be the pastor of our Bellville church. As many as 120 souls were being fed the word of God and 28 souls were baptized as a result of Sis. Barley’s obedience. The then Sis. Barley now Apostle Barley sought help with the new converts to take them further in the gospel. After hearing about Apostle A.S. Johnson, Jr. she contacted him, and he gladly agreed to assist.  Upon announcing his intentions to carry the tent crusade to Bellville, it was said that the only thing in Bellville were opossums and racoons, thus taking a tent to Bellville would be futile. On the contrary, when the crusade pitched the tent people came from villages far and near. The tent was packed every night and more souls were saved, delivered, and filled with the Spirit.  After the revival Apostle Johnson opened the doors of the church for the new converts to join the Back to God fellowship of believers. The church started with 19 souls and the first church meeting place was an old school room.  Apostle Johnson placed Sis. Blanche Barley as lead watchman of the newly planted church. Mother Gloria Holmes, also an attendee of the bible study had a vision of a church building in Bellville. Land was donated for that purpose and the recent Back to God members moved into a 2-room trailer on the property that became their temporary worship center.  Apostle Barley moved on from being the lead watchman to her next assignment and Apostle Johnson appointed Minell Winn as the local Senior Pastor. Under her watch our current permanent edifice was built. Our vision for the region includes a family center that will address more needs of the community.